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Sorry I haven't updated in a while.   
08:31am 02/11/2002
  *sighs* I just have been sick lately, I wish Danny was here, but he just got in an accident. I was so relieved he wasnt badly injured or hurt, but I was hurt to see that other girls are telling him to dump me and to go out with them who are close to his age, if he wants, he can do whatever he wants, but what ever happens I still want to be friends with him.  
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Gosh where is Danny?   
07:27pm 10/10/2002
  *sighs* Whenever I'm on... Danny isn't *frowns* I miss him deeply... Danny come back *shrugs* I'll give him some space, I think I'm crowding myself around him too much, well what am I suppose to do *sighs* I dont know... Jeff we need to talk.  
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I'm doing great :)   
05:44am 02/10/2002
  I have an amazing boyfriend, so what if he is younger than me, we both love eachother so. Anna and Jeff were fighting the other day, so I decieded to give them advice, Anna heard from someone that Jeff was using her, and I know Jeff would never ever do something like that, I'm happy to say that they are now together and happy... I'm happy for them both and I hope they stay together without any problems... Danny.. I miss you :(  
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I love all my friends...but I lost one   
06:49am 26/09/2002
  Dave... I helped you and got you into rehab, you break up with me right after that. I dont want to even be friends with you anymore, I was very hurt of what you did, and heart broken. Danny.. thanks for being there for me.. I needed someone to talk to. I was really in love with Dave and he broke my heart into a million pieces but now I have you and you make me feel better inside.  
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Again thanks to you Jacoby   
01:58pm 21/09/2002
  I bet your fucking happy now arent you? Dave broke up with me because of you... Yep YOU! I can't believe you made him... What did I ever do to you? I've supported your ass since Invest.. and then you turn around.. call me a slut.. and be rude to me? FUCK YOU!  
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Old love again..   
11:32am 15/09/2002
  I and Dave are back together *smiles a bit* I'm staying with him and the guys for awhile. I'm going to help him get better. Thats why I couldn't be with him, he was doing drugs,but now since Phoenix dumped me for another guy, and I still had feelings for Dave, but didn't know what to do, because I couldn't deal with a drug user right then. But now I know how much I love Dave and want to be with him. *smiles* I love you baby.  
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Davey..I miss you   
03:05pm 28/08/2002
  *sighs* I miss my big teddy bear so much.. I haven't talked to him in days.. I'm trying to mend my broken heart..but I miss him to much to stop the pain, hes an amazing person inside and out. I think coby is mad at me for actually dating him..but Coby.. I'm sorry if you dont like me..but I love Dave and he loves me and we are happy together. I'll see you really soon okay baby? call me *hugs* love ya  
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I Miss B-Real   
07:31pm 28/07/2002
  I keep thinking to my self..if dating B-Real is the right thing to do... We fight almost everyday and every night when I'm away and its hard for me not to see him because I miss him so much.. I just need to finish this shoot and I'll be on the plane back to LA. I don't want to loose him but we fight so much.. I'm so glad I have my friends to talk to. I love you guys and I want to thank you for being there when I need you. I'll be home soon baby!  
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06:38am 17/07/2002
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The Call To Chasmin   
10:47am 16/07/2002
  I picked up my phone, and slowly dialed Chasmins number, thinking in my mind what if shes busy with Jasan or something. I waited for her to pick up but no one was there so I left a message telling her to call me because it was important. I layed back on my bed thinking to my self how about I just kill myself if Chester doesn't return my phone call...but then I thought why I end my life just for him? Yes I do love him with all my heart but its not worth it. I really hope he does call soon though  
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02:45am 15/07/2002
mood: loved
Well speak of the devil.....I was ranting and raving then all of a sudden out of the blue, Chester calls. He said that he misses me and he's staying over at Joe's place because him and Sam got in a fight (go figure) they're always fighting.....He said that he misses me. I told him I missed him like crazy. He said he bought me a present, I wonder what it is???? I'm so happy right now. Does this mean I'm going to get Chester back from Sam? Maybe, who knows. She isn't miss "faithful" either. I know about her and her escapades with Mark from Sugarray. But lets not get into that shall we? Not yet anyways.
02:39am 15/07/2002
mood: pissed off
Chester...come home......Please.....I need you....
God I miss Chester, its only been a few days, but, I can't help it. As soon as he split with Samantha he moved into my house, we were so happy together. I miss him like crazy. I'd give almost anything to have him back. Just to hold him again, to run my fingers through his hair. Its killing me. I feel like shit.........I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY SAMANTHA MARIE FUCKIN BENNINGTON! My heart has shattered into a million pieces. Thank you ever so much. You really taught me how cruel people can be. Please STOP calling my house and leaving threatening phonecalls or I WILL have a restraining order placed on your ass. I have always been nothing but NICE to you and you pull this shit? You talk behind my back, ect, its not right. I don't do that shit to you. Why do you have to be like that? I'm not going to play nice anymore.....I'm tired of it......I'm tired of you treating Chester like a little puppydog on a leash. Its not funny and its definately NOT nice. Get a clue and get a life!
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